An Experienced Real Estate Firm You Can Trust

At The Firm, our mission is to build a leading residential real estate company that is recognized not for the magnitude of its holdings throughout the community, but rather its extraordinary commitment representing our clients buying and selling their homes, investments, and dreams.

The Firm has distinguished itself, not only as a company that our clients enjoy working with, but more importantly, trust. We enjoy a high level of respect not only from our clients but also from within the community. We deliver results, we have a proven track record of success, and we are one of the most highly respected real estate firms in the Corridor.

At The Firm, we all share one common, unwavering commitment – to provide superior real estate services that are always in the best interests, short or long term, for our clients. We pride ourselves on consistency, and the ethical delivery of creative and innovative real estate solutions. We believe that our level of success and growth is a result of our unwavering service and our ability to not only meet our clients’ needs, but also exceed their expectations. Our success can only be possible if our clients receive complete, professional, and competitive service.

At The Firm, we strive for a clear understanding of the current marketplace. We make the absolute best of the new opportunities it presents for us each day. Our mission is to generate that view into a tangible difference for our clients. Anything less is unacceptable. You demand the best. At The Firm we are committed to giving you exactly that... The best.

James R Buck II
Managing Director, The Firm
Licensed Broker, State of Iowa